The lifestyle that Madison Ave has created for us and the health (disease) model laid down by the pharmecutical industry is stealing our ability to be healthy.

Look at the ads on TV and in magazines.  They push food that has very little nutritional value for the body and when the body starts to show signs of breaking down (symptoms) from the lack of proper nutrition we are told to take drugs to suppress the warning signs.

It is time to take back your health.  It is time to make a change.

Most people today are totally confused by the amount of information claiming to have the right answer for your health.  The one thing people can agree on is that the underlying cause in most all disease can be found in your intake of food. What you put in your mouth, the body has to process into living tissue. “Garbage in garbage out” or “You are what you eat”.

Each cell, tissue and organ in the body is in the process of replacing itself every day. The health of each organ is dependent on the current nutrients being available to maintain the body at the cellular level.  If the cells have the nutrition necessary to recreate itself as the body intended then the organ that these cells make up will be healthy.

If the nutrition is not right the cells cannot perform properly and become weak and diseased. Most of the food we eat today lacks the minerals and vitamins necessary for proper cell function.

Nutrition affects heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and cancer as well as syndromes such as irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, chemical allergies and hormone imbalances. If you aren’t feeling as good as you think you should, the answer may lie in the way your body is handling the food you put in your mouth.  This may be a nutritional imbalance.

I have dedicated my life to addressing the health of men, women and children.  I have helped thousands of patients restore their health and know from my 40 years of experience with a wide variety of cases, the first thing to consider is whether or not you are a nutrition case or a chiropractic case (to restore normal nerve impulses to the organ) or both.  The good news is if you are it may be possible to reverse your health concerns including slowing down the aging process allowing a more energetic lifestyle and provide not only relief but a healthier lifestyle. The body has the potential to fully repair itself, when given the right nutrients.

In an effort to balance your bodies cellular nutrition our office utilizes Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) and Designed Clinical Nutrition.. The whole food supplements we utilitize are from Standard Process who own 1000 acres of certified organic farmland on which they grow produce for their products. The process by which these supplements are made continues to be the unique low- heat vacuum to maintain the "alive" nature of the food.

Nutrition Response Testing

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health.

Our clinically proven system may be quite different from any other healing practice that you may have experienced.

We will have some questions for you before and during the testing.  The actual procedure is simple and direct, with the body providing all of the information and feedback needed.  We use the extraordinary properties of the human cells and tissues to bring about healing and health changes…exactly as Nature intended.

The body responds to the procedure reliably and consistently.  This feedback is so precise that it opens the door to a safe and lasting recovery, even in cases where everything else has failed.

Why will this be good for you?

If you are like other people who come to us for help, then most likely:

+ You may have one or more health conditions that won’t go away.
+ You have visited doctors, or even alternative practitioners, but the results weren’t what you hoped or expected.
+ Health conditions are significantly affecting your life.  Perhaps this also affects you career, family and or/personal finances.
+ You realize that these conditions are probably not going to get better unless the real source of the problem is found and corrected.

A personalized nutrition plan, designed just for you, elevates the potential of success.  The nutrition we will recommend is real food as designed by nature to enable the body to repair itself and become healthier.

After you receive your analysis, you will get a specifically designed nutrition program, based from the information your body provides.  Most programs include dietary suggestions (as well as whole food supplements) to aid your body in healing itself. Concentrated whole food supplements are used. These have been prepared by a unique process that preserves all of the active enzymes and vital components.

What are ‘whole foods”?

“Whole food” is defined as ‘food that has undergone very little processing and has been grown or produced without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers”.

Whole food supplements are entirely derived from specific whole foods, organically grown and prepared in such a way that preserves their vital enzymes and vitamins: making them the optimum vitamin-mineral products.

I thought I ate well...

Although deficiencies may be due to illness, it is likely that other factors may contribute to the problem also, some of which may be contained in the food you eat every day.

A few factors typical of the food commercially available in all grocery stores and restaurants:

+ Microwaving
+ Food coloring
+ Flash freezing
+ Genetic engineering
+ Synthetic additives
+ Preservatives
+ Hormones and antibiotics (found in meat, chicken, etc)
+ Produce grown in soil that has been robbed of its nutrients
+ Harmful chemicals and metals (such as pcb’s and mercury in some fish)

Can’t I just eat better?

There has been a drastic decline in the quality of food over the past 70 years, resulting in a nation of sick people who are dependent on pharmaceutical drugs.  Your body’s function is founded on nourishment from the environment (which until recently did not include heavy metals, toxic chemicals and pesticides).

Current food conditions make it next to impossible to get all of the nutritional components your body requires to heal and/or maintain resiliency.


The body’s inherent wisdom has the healing potential to repair anything, but sometimes it doesn’t.  The body cannot meet all its challenges successfully without the proper genuine replacement parts in the form of nutritional support.  If that realization sounds simple, getting there is anything but easy with the quality of food that is produced today.

Many people that we see using NRT have eaten themselves into their current state of ill health, to some degree or another.  The deficiencies or inbalance lead to a breakdown in resistance or immunity and a loss of the ability to cope with environmental stress.  The good news is that it may be a reversible process as it has for so many of our patients.

Designed Clinical Nutrition

What is Designed Clinical Nutrition?

Designed (specially prepared based on a specific plan) Clinical (pertaining to the results gotten in clinical use or actual practice on huge numbers of patients over many years) Nutrition (real food, designed by nature to enable the body to repair itself and grow healthfully) It is whole food in a tablet, capsule or powder designed to match the needs of the body based on the results of your Nutrition Response Testing. They are nutrients that you are simply not getting, or not assimilating in your current diet.



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