I couldn't lift my left arm. Also, I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 50. This was told to me at age 35. Dr Gallagher, as i said, saved my life. I am now 76 years of age and do not take any medication! --Barbara R--

We have been patients of Dr Gallagher for over 21 years now. I know this because I started as a patient while I was pregnant with my son who is now 21 1/2. Right from the beginning, Dr Gallagher helped us to understand the benefits of chiropractic by providing a very informative back class-many people are skeptical because they don't understand how it all works. Believe it or not, I am at my present job 19 years and have never had to call in sick. Our children are equally as healthy-they were not so excited thought, because they almost never missed any school. What continues to impress us is how Dr Gallagher continues his education in Chiropractic--we hope he never retires!! - the Shannon family

Two months ago I was using a cane when walking,( very limited) and in pain. After MRI's the orthopedist recommended hip replacement, which I did not want to consider. I came to your office with my daughter. It is now one month later. NO CANE! NO WALKER! Pain free and so grateful for your healing hands. I am 78 years old and feel wonderful. Thank You! --Betty Lou Connell--

For weeks I had terrible pain in the upper part of my left leg that it made me walk with a limp. Then I decided to go and see Dr Gallagher who is a Chiropractor. I was seeing him three times a week, then it was two times a week, now it is only once a week. Dr Gallagher took away the pain and I am so grateful for his expertise in healing me. He is a great Chiropractor. He has done wonders for me. Thank you very much Mr Gallagher. --Your patient, Margaret M Bell--

I started going to Dr Gallagher in July of 2007 for lower back and neck pain. During the first visit while Dr Gallagher was going over my assessment I told him I had been struggling with infertility for four years. He informed me that he could not only help me with the back and neck pain but possibly the infertility too. He explained to me that the part of my lower spine where I was having the problem, supplies the nerve to my reproductive organs. While working on my back to relieve the pain we would strenghten my reproductive system. I have to say, I wasn't sure what to think about what he was saying but I figured I had nothing to lose. In about three weeks time my back and neck pain was greatly relieved. I am thrilled to say that three months later in October of 2007 I found myself pregnant! No one can tell me that this could have happened without chiropractic care. I am now a true believer. I tell whoever will listen about the benefits of a good chiropractor. I am still going for weekly treatments to keep me in the best possible health during my pregnancy. --Tracy F-- (June 2008)

I consulted Dr Gallagher for Sciatica after he treated my husband successfully for the same condition. However, I felt I needed more than just success, so I continued with treatments for other complaints. Since I was getting on in years, I decided I would follow Dr Gallagher's advice and continue with his expertise. I have not been sorry, and I feel my body can continue moving because of the care offered by chiropractic. My treatments are painless, and the improvement in my mental and physical health is a bonus I could not achieve without Dr Gallagher. Thank you, Dr Gallagher for your knowledge and chiropractic care. --Josie Dennis--

This past summer I was in a minor car accident and had some residual pain in my neck and lower back. I was looking for a treament option and my aunt recommended that I come in to see her "favorite" chiropractor -Dr Gallagher..and I am so glad I did!! He and his great team took such special care of me. They were thorough in their explanation of chiropractic care and very attentive to me and my specific situation. Dr Gallagher adjusted and healed the discomfort in my neck and lower back within just a few short visits....and encouraged me to continue working with him to ensure that my body maintained the changes. As time went on I felt as though my posture improved, my energy level/mood lifted, and I had better body awareness. I found a place where I could get advice on diet, exercise and vitamins. He got me on a better track towards overall health! I am so impressed with the impact that chiropractic care has had on me and would highly recommend Dr Gallagher to anyone! --Barbara P--

My health insurance should pay ME to get chiropractic! 3 months without adjustments, and I get colds, sinus infections, asthma, and my allergies go crazy. If I get regular adjustments, I stay healthy. -- Jennifer R --

Designed Clinical Nutrition Improvement Reports

I was feeling very unbalanced physically and tended to get really tired easily.  In the fall I began to create mucous which would wake me at night and bother me in the day.  My balance on ladders was not good, I fell a few times. 

I now feel more balanced physically.  I don’t fatigue as easily.  The mucous has lessened and is almost gone completely, and I have had no sinus infections.  I am able to do “ladder jobs” again.  --  Pam M. --

When you are 82 and have several health issues (heart, rheumatoid arthritis) you accept the various aches, pains and swellings as all part of aging.  You take your meds and do your best.  I am thrilled to say my best has increased ten fold since Dr Gallagher recommended Catalyn. For years I have problems with swollen toes on my left foot, where I had surgery for a bunion. 

About 2 weeks after starting Catalyn I noticed I could wiggle my toes!  Hadn’t done that in years.  Gradually the toes have returned to normal size and color.  The arthritis severely affected my wrists, hands and fingers.  They had become very discolored and because of swelling I was not able to bend my fingers on either hand.  Today I can flex my fingers, make a fist, and have regained strength in both hands.  I cannot wait to see what is next !!  -- Ruth  O.--

 It was hard to breath.  I was always bloated, tired, unable to sleep well, dragging myself around and unable to walk long distance. I had constant heartburn and indigestion and had a feeling of “unwellness” I was on 8 medications for which just maintained but did not improve my condition. Despite all measures I took to change my health (diet, exercise, etc) I was defeated and depressed.  

I now find that my breathing has improved, I am not as bloated, my movement has improved 99%. I have lots of energy and would rather stand that sit.  I am sleeping through the night, am able to walk longer distances and can leap, jump and bound up the stairs. -- Theresa C.--

I couldn’t walk longer that 4-5 minutes before my legs become “heavy”. I did not have the energy or strength to lift my legs and had to sit for a few minutes and then was able to proceed. I would go to bed and read for 2 hours and still not be able to fall asleep.  I would wake during the night and stay awake for over an hour.  I would wake in the morning feeling stiff and old.  I would putter around for 2-3 hours doing what I had to do and then sit for the rest of the day.  I had no energy or desire to do anything else.  Just felt very listless. 

Now I can walk for 30 minutes (or more) for exercise or shopping.  Now I get tired at 11:00 (or before), go to bed and go right to sleep.  When I wake during the night to go to the bathroom, I immediately go right back to sleep.  I awaken after 7.5-8 hours feeling rested.  I wake with no stiffness at all.  Now I get up and do what I have to do, go out and exercise and still want to do projects or other activities. -- Dianne R.--

Jonah, 16 has been suffering from Reynaud’s Syndrome for the last 4 years. His fingers and toes would turn blue if he kept still for long periods of time – playing video games, writing long exams, holding a book. Going in the ocean made his feet go numb and he no longer enjoyed going to the beach. In cold weather, his hands were blue by the time he came in from the bus stop. Our pediatrician and an endocrinologist told us to “just keep an eye on it – there was really nothing they would do about it now”

Dr. Gallagher began treating Jonah chiropractically for his symptoms. Jonah’s hands improved significantly – not getting blue as often, but they did still occasionally um color with extreme weather or during written exams.

In November, Jonah began the Nutrition Program with D. Gallagher and the results have been fantastic. 

He has been out shoveling snow for hours at a time, wearing gloves, but now his hands are bright, healthy red when he finishes. There is no numbness. Jonah has taken several sets of exams, including the 4-hr SAT, and has been able to write all the essays according to his mental ability, no longer having to stop short because of a physical disability.

Jonah is also an avid guitarist and playing music is a key part of his life. The results achieved from the Designed Clinical Nutrition program have been a wonderful relief to us all. We are grateful to Dr. Gallagher for continually searching out ways to help us achieve optimum health – Jonah K.

I was exhausted all the time.  Although I was doing fine at work, I was not accomplishing anything at home.  Everything waited until the last minute. Because of that, I was under alot of stress. I felt bloated all the time, IBS was bad, and I had problems with incontinence.

I feel that I have a life now.  I have more energy and am getting things done in a more timely manner.  Because of that I no longer feel stressed.  Because things are in order, I have more time to spend with friends.  I am getting so much more enjoyment out of life.  I no longer have the bloated feeling. The IBS and incontinenece are much better.              - Diane P-              (since beginning her Designed Clinical Nutrition program)

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