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Cellular Healing and Detox

Dr. Pompa instructs us in the 5 R's that lead to true cellular detox and healing.  In this series of videos, he explains the 5 'musts' that you should follow in order to permanently improve and transform your health and life.

Dr. Pompa explains, "The 5 R's are not a bandaid or a supplement, but rather a road map for you and your body to follow for long term healing results."

The 5 R's support all conditions, including:

  • weight loss
  • diabetes
  • autoimmune diseases
  • leaky gut

and other common challenges.

"However, our goal in sharing this life changing information is not about addressing a condition but rather supporting the body to heal itself."


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R1: Removing the Source


R3: Restoring Cellular Energy

R2: Regenerating the Cell Membrane


R4: Reducing Cellular Inflammation

R5: Reestablishing Methylation

Learn more about the 5 R's and Dr. Pompa's other lessons at his website, www.drpompa.com.


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